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This institution was registered in 1967  with the sole objective of propagating Education of SELF.   The revered Founder ŚRIIGURUḌEEVA was intensively propagating earlier this concept at various places in Andhra Pradesa.   After having registered the institution,  a simple building was constructed at Dilsukhnagara of Hyderabad.   Then on,  the propagation was not only through discourses,  but also through publications.  

The publications started with the basic idea  to initiate the common man to the education of SELF.   The need and binding on the man,  for such an Education,  was enlightened in various angles of his life.  

For about two decades,  these Publications were distributed free of cost to the aspirants.   On the full-moon day of Kaarṭika-maasa 1974,  His Holiness the Founder Saint relinquished his mortal body.  


This institution has been continuing the propagation of the philosophy of this Matha  in the order set by the Founder Saint.   This institution is well known through out the state,  for the way in which it brings out the import of the scriptures  in the distinct truth-perspective.   Especially,  those who have a longing for knowing the truth in practical discrimination,  are closely conversant with this institution and its ways.  

As on today,  this institution has released over 100 publications,  on the absolute truth in simple Telugu.   As a part of this programme,  the institution has expounded and translated,  ŚRIIMAḌ BHAGAVAḌGIIṬAA in accordance with the spirit of its philosophy and has published it in Telugu,  Tamizh,  Kannada,  Malayala,  Hindi and English languages.   This institution  with a vast collection of scriptures relevant to different topics on this subject  has also established a Center for Research on education of SELF.  


This institution celebrated its Silver Jubilee in December, 1992,  organizing a programme spread over nine days.   On this occasion,  it released nine publications,  one on each day.  


This institution celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year  2017, A programme  on Human  Correlation was organaised  for 3 Days in March 2017,at its Branch at Moragudi Village, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesa. A number of Saints participated and rendered  their spiritual messages. Following this, Giitaa-Havana-Yajyna was conducted at the same branch for 3 days.  Disciplined observance of yajyna was strictly followed in line with the Self-Discipline. These programmes  were placed in the Youtube of this institution (https://www.youtube.com/c/humanlights1).


Srshti is generally called the universe.   By this,  it is generally understood that it is an objective universe created by the so-called God defined by names and forms.  This is not correct. The word universe indicates the reality that, Srja-Visargee it is an universe/uni-verse of released opportunity for emancipation  from the flow of pain in the mundane activities,  and to realise the established/elevated SELF.   The need for this, is ever probing in one and all,  although not felt or realised.   It is a process of internal churning by introspection.   Let us understand.   A University is not merely a vast site with buildings,  the organisational set up,  the faculties with the faculty members and many more to support. University can be called an university,  if it is a released opportunity,  to turn out a flow of students getting educated.   Without this,  the University has no sense,  no Existence.   The need of education is inbuilt in one and all,  although not felt or realised by all the students in its real spirit.   This is an example of the logic of the universe.   Life in all walks by one and all  is a run through of this logic of the universe,  the released opportunity.

The pre-entity of the universe is Saṭ the element of Existence.   The universe,  through its released opportunity,  is an exercise for accomplishing  a perfect balance of the element of Existence through comprehension,  practice and realisation.   This course is much beyond the reach of Mathematics,  Science,  Politics,  or so-called any mundane education/activity.   As the course is of non-physical subtle nature,  the mundane out-look doesn’t enter even the orbits of Saṭ the element of Existence.   It has to be Caiṭanya Activated and Animated within,  in the subtle non-physical plane as the mind and further inner levels.   Over the course of Saaḍhana effort of practice,  the Activation should Prakaaśa Reveal Saṭ the element of Existence,  distinct from the external physics and the physical body.   Nivaasa Revelation should lead to Dwelling. Vicaaraaa should undertake Discrimination.  Jaana the Discriminated Dwelled Revelation should reach stability by maturity.   This is the state of Awareness of Saṭ the element of Existence.   Maturity over this Jỵaana Awareness is Aananḍa.   Aananḍa is not simple bliss or happiness.   TuNaḍi- Samrḍḍhou it is Samrḍḍhi Accomplishment of Saṭ the element of Existence,  the pre-entity of the universe, the prevailing entity of the universe.   Thus,  the universe is charged with the characteristics Saṭ the element of Existence,  Caiṭanya Activation/Animation,  Prakaaśa Revelation,  Nivaasa Dwelling,  Vicaaraaa Discrimination,  Jỵaana Awareness,  Aananḍa Accomplishment —EARDDAA.   The universe is balanced as uni-verse,  the single version,  of the charging by EARDDAA.  

The universe is again (1) the external cosmos,  the observed cosmos,  (2) the conscious cosmos,  the cosmos of the consciousness of EARDDAA of the being in reflecting through the physical body.   The external cosmos is totally an object of observation.   It is translated into intelligence,  and received into the conscious cosmos for analysis.   The analysing conscious cosmos  is a synthesis and synchronization of both physical and non-physical entities.   Mind is the non-physical entity of comprehension,  while the physical body is the physical entity.   The one who is not conversant with the mind,  is called mad.   Thus,  of the synthesis and synchronization,  the non-physical entity is the base for the physical entity.   The elevation,  purity and accomplishment of the mind  are the other topics of discussion.   Basically,   the reality of synthesis and synchronization of physical and non-physical entities within, with the conscious cosmos,  is conversant till realisation.   The element intelligence is that,  by which,  synthesis and synchronization of the physical and non-physical entities of the external cosmos  is translated to that of the conscious cosmos  for the purpose of comprehension. Here again,  the said comprehension is not in terms of the external cosmos,  but in terms of the intelligence,  i.e.,  it is comprehension of the intelligence,  not of the external cosmos.  

Veeḍa,  Upanishaḍs-Brahmasūṭras-Giiṭaa expound unequivocally,  this synthesis and synchronization of the external and the conscious cosmos between the physics and the non-physical entity EARDDAA .   The mind,  the conversant non-physical entity with the man,  is due for elevation to the state EARDDAA,  to realise the design of his conscious cosmos.   His conscious cosmos is designed for realisation of EARDDAA.   He should rise to it.   This is the exercise of his life.    It is the exercise of the universe  to release sufficient opportunities to him,  to accomplish his exercise. The universe is designed fully for its assignment,  and it is functioning in full realisation of it.   Now,  it is the turn of the man,  the supreme being of the universe,  to balance himself to the composite characteristic EARDDAA  of both  conscious and external cosmos.  

The concepts of (God-Head) Ḍeeva,  Bhagavaan,  Raama,  Krshṇa are not objective.   They are characteristics of realisation in the stability of EARDDAA within.   Teaching,  comprehension,  practice and realisation in this order is Truth-Perspective.   As the truth doesn’t change,  it is imperative for the man to change, elevate and rise to the Truth-Perspective.   Propagation of the ideal of truth  through discourses and publications of this Matha,  goes on these lines of Truth-Perspective.  

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